Title Mental Health Worker
Posted Date 04/25/2017
Employer Pacific Clinics
Job Information

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Under the general direction of the Team Leader or Program Director, the Case Manager facilitates the implementation of individualized Service Plans.  This position provides client advocacy services and case management strategies.


·         Conducts strengths-based, culturally competent and family-centered mental health rehabilitation services and/or case management assessments gathering information from family, consumer, significant others and involved agencies.

·         Encourages clients to meet needs through matching strengths with tasks.

·         Provides rehabilitative services to clients and/or their families which might include assistance in restoring or maintaining a client’s functional skills, daily living skills, social skills, and linking up to needed community services and support resources.

·         Completes Service and Coordination Plans, progress notes, and other DMH required documentation within two to three business days and meets the standards of the Department of Mental Health Short/Doyle Medi-Cal, Pacific Clinics and its funding sources.

·         Provides outreach, advocacy, and rehabilitative services needed for ongoing cases and in crisis intervention.

·         Provides case management, which might include obtaining client information, identifying needs and problems, linking clients and their families to appropriate community resources.

·         Works with the treatment team to provide appropriate coordinated care services to clients and their families and to address the client needs advocating for stabilizing services and connecting the consumer to beneficial resources within the community.

·         Works on a multicultural team sensitive to the cultural and linguistic needs of the clients and families served.

·         Works in conjunction with community providers to assist clients in meeting goals.

·         Connects the client and family to community resources maximizing information from the strengths-based assessment.

·         Provides services in the field, at home, in the school and/or in the community to promote stabilization and consistent with program and funding source contractual requirements.

·         Under the direct supervision of the Program Director and team therapist, assists in the identification of triggers to escalation, and provides suggestions to the treatment team.

·         Considers substance abuse, healthcare, co-occurring disorders and/or housing or employment, as appropriate, in treatment plans.

·         Completes billing expectations (five billable hours per day) per Agency requirements and provides services consistent with program needs.

·         Drives Agency-provided or personal vehicles for consumers, staff and others, as needed.

·         Attends and participates in staff meetings to provide input towards program development and staff training.

·         Reports to work on time and maintains reliable and regular attendance.

·         Models Pacific Clinics’ approach, mission and core values in all communication and correspondence.

·         Communicates effectively in a culturally competent and diverse consumer population and promotes favorable interaction with managers, co-workers and others.

·         Performs other duties as assigned.