Title Case Manager (GRYD)
Posted Date 11/15/2016
Employer Asian American Drug Abuse Program, Inc.
Job Information

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Summary statement:

The Case Manager, under the supervision of the GRYD Coordinator conduct outreach and a referral network for project services; plan, develop, and implement diversion activities; provide treatment, behavior modification, and client advocacy services to participants including rap groups, individual counseling, family counseling, and probation hearings for project participants; provide support services and charts for project participants.

Role: Non-exempt employee

Salary: commensurate upon experience


  2. Contact service providers and school personnel in contracted areas and provide information regarding project services.
  3. Provide referrals for youth and families to services not encompassed within project.
  4. Communicate with sensitivity to clients from diverse language and cultural backgrounds.
  5. Evaluate calls and walk-in’s from potential clients and determine appropriateness for GRYD.
  6. Prepare all documentation on compliance with Federal, State, City and Agency guidelines.
  7. Conduct all screening, intake, contract management and contract eligibility forms for prospective project participants.
  8. Create treatment plans/”contracts” for program participants.
  9. Provide support and advocacy services for program participants including the attending of probation hearings, school meetings, court and DCFS.
  10. Conduct other administrative duties as assigned.
  12. Plan and provide field trips, social and recreational activities, and educational outings for program participants.
  13. Provide participants with mini-bike safety, maintenance and riding skills.
  14. Develop and maintain strategies for client referrals.
  15. Plan community functions i.e. health fairs, forums etc.
  16. Provide transportation on as needed basis to and from events and meetings for program participants.
  17. Facilitate small and large group sessions.
  18. Create, develop and implement group curriculum to address the emerging needs.
  19. Implement treatment plan, individual, group and family counseling sessions to monitor and advise on treatment plans and contracts.
  20. CASE MANAGEMENT (30%):
  21. Maintain participant files documenting activities, contract management and other contract mandated documents.
  22. Coordinate support services.
  23. Attend unit meetings, clinical supervision and other meetings as assigned.
  24. Maintain a program and event budget.
  25. Provide diagnostic assessment and treatment plan.
  26. Manage 20-25 client caseload, maintain case files and records.
  1. Qualifications — REQUIRED
  2.    Four years education or Bachelors degree in related field or CAS certified with 2 years clinical experience.
  3. Permanent resident or U.S. citizen; proof of work eligibility upon hiring.
  4. Valid Class B Driver’s license, Calif. Minimum Automobile Insurance, and an appropriate motor vehicle.
  5. At least three years of recovery or a drug free lifestyle as of the date of the application.
  6. Ability to work with people of diverse cultural, educational, social, and economic backgrounds.
  7. Demonstrated knowledge and skill in computer operations.
  8. Complete a physical examination and TB test within one (1) week of date of hire.
  9. Pass a criminal background check to work with children and adolescents.
  10. Bilingual in Spanish.
  12. a)     First Aid and CPR certification from a recognized agency.




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