A3PCON 2017 Municipal and Special Elections Voter Guide

Below are A3PCON’s recommendations on the ballot measures up for vote on March 7, 2017 Click Here to Download PDF Version (508KB) Los Angeles County Ballot Measures Measure H Homeless Services SUPPORT Measure H levies a ¼ cent sales tax for ten years to fund a canvas of...
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2016 California Ballot Measure Voter Guide

Click Here to Download PDF Version (570KB) Click on the arrow ( ) to get more information on A3PCON’s positions. California State Ballot Measures Proposition 51 SUPPORT Proposition 52 SUPPORT Proposition 53 OPPOSE  Proposition 54 SUPPORT  Proposition 55 SUPPORT  Proposition...
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Final Article VIII; Sections 1, 3, and 16, If Approved by Member Vote

ARTICLE VIII.            DIRECTORS Section 1      Number and Eligibility of Directors. The Board of Directors will consist of not less than six (6) positions nor more than twenty-five (25) positions, the exact number to be fixed by a resolution of the Board.  The initial Board of...
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